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  • Encephalitis and dengue awareness drive in SMC Ward No-25 Siliguri

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    Date: 2014-08-09

    Sir, An Upcoming Tea Broking House, Good Point Tea Pvt. Ltd .at sevoke road , siliguri organized ... read more[+]
    Date: 2014-07-19

    Dear Lion Friends, It gives me pleasure to let you know that my club, Lions Club Of Siliguri Terai ... read more[+]
    Date: 2014-06-26
  • Blood Cancer Free Medicine

      Dear friends Medicine for Blood Cancer has been found !! Please don't delete this ... read more[+]
    Date: 2014-05-17
Indian Tea
Indian Tea

Tea from this region brew a burgundy-red cup with rich aroma and strong malty taste. Assam Teas are known for its body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong, robust bright color sold as "breakfast" teas worldwide. Ideal for the first Morning Cup. . Assam tea has flecked brown and gold leaves. Exceptionally fine cloning has created intensely rich Assams with beautiful gold tips. These pretty gold and black teas offer a taste that is not too astringent with good body. When astringency is present addition of milk is desirable.

Assam Tea

Assam is a major growing area covering the Brahmaputra valley, stretching form the Himalayas down to the Bay of Bengal. The Tea from the Estates or gardens in the Terai (foothills) & the Dooars region are referred to as Dooars Tea named after the region. Dooar Meaning door which  is the Gateway to Bhutan. Dooars is now split in the Indian States of West Bengal & Assam.

Dooars Tea

Teas from Dooars are dark and full-bodied, yet not as strong as Assam teas. The brew from this leaf is richly coloured,the taste spicy and liqueur-like. An anytime tea often used in blends.  A daytime tea that goes well with a drop of milk.

Darjeeling: from West Bengal

Darjeeling on the foothills of the Himalayas in India, which has a unique ‘muscatel’ flavour. Darjeeling is lighter and more delicate and is referred to  THE CHAMPAGNE OF BLACK TEAS  amongst tea lovers all over the world.
The incomparable quality of these teas is the result of climate, altitude and skillful blending. These are the most rarest and prestigious of the black teas.Darjeeling is an ideal complement to dinner or afternoon tea. The Gardens in this snug hill station are ranked the best in the world. The quality of the leaf being so superior, it is not easy to distinguish their flavor. Also since the taste of Darjeeling varies form season to season, Darjeeling teas are rather classified according to their harvest periods.   

First Flush Darjeeling - These are springtime teas, harvested from late February to mid-April. The young leaves yield a light tea with a flavor of green muscat. Their arrival is keenly awaited by connoisseurs, and the potent tea is sometimes air-freighted. 
Second Flush Darjeeling - Harvested in May and June, the constitution of these leaves are more fully constructed, making a bright liquor with a full, round and fruity taste.
Autumnal Darjeeling - Large leaves and coppery liquor characterize the round taste of this autumnal harvest. This tea is best drunk in the morning.

Nilgiri : Tamilnadu

Nilgiri tea is a dark intensely aromatic, fragrant and flavorful tea grown in the Blue Mountains or Nilgiri called in the local dialect of Southern India.Their soft flavor also makes them wonderful for flavorings, scents and fruits. These leaves produce full-bodied, strong and coppery liquor. Its innate ability not to cloud makes it a perfect choice for iced tea. These are intermediate teas that evoke teas from Northern India while resembling Ceylon teas .Most of the cultivation and production occurs in the hills of the Nilgiris district ofTamil Nadu, though there are numerous tea plantations further south inKerala state.

The tea provides a higher number of cups per measure (technically known as cuppage) . The expensive hand-sorted, full-leaf versions of the tea like the Orange Pekoe (O.P.) are highly sought after at international auctions. In November 2006 a Nilgiri Tea achieved "Top Honours" and fetched a world record price of $600 per kg. This was at the first ever tea auction held in Las Vegas, USA

Ceylon: from Sri Lanka.

Tea is not just a business, but it’s a manner of social philosophy and a way of life for Assamese society.
G.P Barua


We should tell the world that tea is good but Indian tea is the best.
B.R. Shah