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Apoorva Shakti

Abundant Power : A  helping hand  initiative  to unleash  Women’s Endeavour for self-reliance  & self-respect

Women are like tea bags, they don't know how strong they are until they get into hot water.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

The above quote gives us an insight into the inherent strength the power a woman beholds within her … Abundant power & strength … Since .Time immemorial whenever the woman has concentrated to set out to-do things or taken matters in her own hands she has outperformed and achieved.

About Apoorva Shakti

We at Deesha (meaning direction) are launching this directive to assist in unleashing this hidden strength in  Woman’s   Endeavour for self-reliance by  providing productive employment & income generating opportunity to market & sell APOORVA branded TEA and other teas from Deesha Stable.

Deeshas Commitment
Tea is not a mere commodity for us. It is a heritage based on values and  culture, full of sentiments & commitments

— B.M.Khaitan

We at Deesha uphold our Indian values & culture and value the importance of giving back to society for overall upliftment & progress of our fellow citizens who are less fortunate comparatively.

It is with this sentiment we commit a certain fixed percentage of every bag sold under the Apoorva Shakti programme through women to be utilised in a befitting way towards woman’s welfare. So when every packet you sell or buy you are contributing to women welfare. doing your bit through Deesha’s  initiative

Why Apoorva Tea?

Tea is the common mans most consumed & economic beverage by people of all ages, a commodity sought after by every household & person and an all time every time favorite, everywhere…We start the day with…. tea….chai…..cha… চা )….Chaha…..chaya……. chahaa…. theneer ….. (ṭī), ….. (چاى) and we thought it befitting to starting this project also with tea named after the project APOORVA …A Tea dedicated to the woman power.., abundance of power  unleashed over endless cups of Tea, winning acquaintances & friends on the way while achieving self-reliance & self-respect.

Tea provides number of health benefits , psychological benefits, helping people bond. One becomes alert, is refreshed and more aware. 

In words of ~ William Gladstone

If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you."


Chai is the drink of our Nation and the industry provides max. Employment to people after the Indian railways.

Who can join?

Anyone. Whoever is a girl or woman from any background? ….housewives, even working women ….can join since tea is consumed & can be sold in your known circle, group and your own house can be your first customer….smart housewives since money saved is money earned. Instead of buying from the local Kirana, grocery shop at a higher price comparatively.

Even women from Rich and well to do households can come forward and do their bit by promoting the tea in your circle of friends & acquaintances (you can also request them not only to be consumers but promoter of this unique initiative) who have desire of helping other women in society who are less fortunate

Introducing them to this programme and keeping in touch with deesha on their behalf. you can be mediator or collaborator , Sell and send the profits to deesha for deployment in the women’s welfare programme

Even donate the profits to a known organization in her vicinity, known to her involved in women welfare programmes  or a woman you personally know who is genuinely in need of help…..just share this with  deesha so that we can acknowledge and post on our website along with your name ,  photo(optional) or the beneficiaries detail/ photo (optional)

Advantages of Apoorva Tea

Tea has good shelf life of twelve months from date of packaging and is easy to store. A typical family of 4 consumes on an avg. 3 cups/day or in effect consuming 800gms - 1 kg. Of tea a month or 12kgs a year.
Its a huge Opportunity waiting there.

How do I achieve?
While there is tea, there is hope. — Sir Arthur Wing Pinero 

One step at a time …. A small step to begin…

Set small seemingly insignificant targets to begin with and work constantly and over a period of time you will realize when you look back that you have indeed covered enough ground. Let Sir Arthurs quote be your guidance and refreshing quotient and the drive to achieve your targets.

You can target yourself to earn with egs. Given as below; Target that you will earn that much

That you sell so much that you recover or earn enough to buy your weekly, monthly vegetables…so this will help save you that much amount from your monthly budget and invest in buying more tea to sell and make a larger base of customers or save for your Childs education, unforeseen family health provisional expenses or your Childs marriage etc..

  • Once the first target is achieved you can set another target that I shall find more regular customers so that I also earn for my wheat, Rice …gradually the whole grocery requirements of the household.
  • Next addition of some consumer durable like Fridge, TV, washing machine anything you want
  • Maybe for festive season expenses.

You will be contributing to the family’s total earnings and the pool of earnings will swell, slowly and steadily as you set & cover your targets. You can lend hands to your family; you can save for your own security and have the satisfaction of contributing and helping self & for the family.

Women can start with a small qty covering 25 kgs in a bag and can earn a decent return on her initial investment. This would give her the much needed boost and confidence to unleash her energy by working single-handedly or jointly with herfriends/colleagues in two’s or three’s or more in a group.

Quality Seal of Approval

Quality is guaranteed. We carry the Tea Board (Government of India) authorized Tea logo, (Lady holding tea leaves), Assam Tea logo, (Rhino & two leaves and bud) on all our tea packs as per the Tea Board’s terms & conditions.

Our woman partners in this project will be given full backhand support by arranging special custom packages in the 25 kg. bag of any eight brands that we have on Offer​